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Facebook emoticons are an easy way to make your Facebook updates stand out and show how you feel without using a dozen words to explain that you have a broken heart and need a drink. This guide will show you how to use emoticons, where to find new Facebook emoticons and lists for advanced users.

Over the last several years emoji and advanced emoticons replaced the simple smiley and winking face with a full range of emotions and the growing Facebook emoticon list includes sports, faces, drinks, animals, cars, shoes and all sorts of symbols.

As the complexity of Facebook emoticons grow, it becomes tougher to use them. Anyone can leave a smiley face on a Facebook wall, but if you want to leave something more complex you’ll need a list of Facebook emoticons and a quick copy and paste.

Everything you need to know about Facebook emoticons.

Everything you need to know about Facebook emoticons.

We’ve already shown how to use the iPhone emoji keyboard and the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5 emoji keyboard, and these are one way to send a Facebook emoticon, but they won’t always show up on Facebook when a user looks on a computer.

If you want to use Facebook emoticons that work on any device you’ll need to use the officially supported Facebook emoticons. These should appear on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac and pretty much any device you can use to connect to Facebook.

How to Use Facebook Emoticons

It’s easy to get started using Facebook emoticons without even looking up a list. All you need to do is type a common smile, frown or symbol into a status update and Facebook will turn the symbol into a Facebook emoticon.

Facebook emoticons work pretty much anywhere on Facebook. Despite earlier limitations you can use Facebook emoticons and emoji on status updates, on a wall post, in comments, Facebook messenger and on iPhone, Android and iPad.

Most users can quickly type in an angel O:) or a heart <3, but when it comes to robots, sharks, bikini’s, golf and darts you’ll need a shortcode that often looks like a square on the screen.

If you want to use new Facebook emoticons that are more than just a smile or a wink you’ll need to look at the popular Facebook emoticons list below and our roundup of popular Facebook emoticon lists.

Learn how to use Facebook emoticons that show up on a computer, iPhone, iPad or Android.

Learn how to use Facebook emoticons that show up on a computer, iPhone, iPad or Android.

When you find the emoticon you want to use, you need to copy the short code, even if it looks just like a square. Paste this into the Facebook status update or comment and then hit enter. This turns the code into a small symbol.

Most of these codes will work, but occasionally Facebook may update the list of emoticons or something is not running right and you’ll paste a square. If that happens you can click the small arrow on the right and delete it.

Popular Facebook Emoticons

Below is a list of popular and new Facebook emoticons that are relatively easy to insert into Facebook by remembering a few more keystrokes. These are the easiest to use, since there is no need to copy and paste small squares to use them.

Facebook Emoticon Short Code Name
Facebook Emoticon Like (y) Like
Facebook Emoticon Angel O:) Angel
Facebook Emoticon Devil 3:) Devil
Facebook Emoticon Glasses 8-) Glasses
Facebook Emoticon Heart <3 Heart
Facebook Emoticon Kiss :* Kiss
Facebook Emoticon Pac Man :v Pac Man
Facebook Emoticon Penguin <(“) Penguin
Facebook Emoticon Robot :|] Robot
Facebook Emoticon Shark (^^^) Shark
Facebook Emoticon Gasp :-o Gasp
Facebook Emoticon Tongue :p Tongue Out
Facebook Emoticon Kiki ^_^ Kiki
Facebook Emoticon Sunglasses 8-| Sunglasses
Facebook Emoticon Poop :poop: Poop
Facebook Emoticon Wiggle Lips :3 Goofy Face / Cat

You can copy the code above, or simply type it in using your keyboard and it should appear on any device that connects to Facebook.

Facebook Emoticons Lists

For more advanced figures and images you’ll need to check out Facebook emoticons lists that include small square short codes that you can copy and paste into Facebook updates.

When you look at the Facebook emoticons on these lists you will typically see a square, but after you copy, paste and post Facebook turns it into the emoticon.

The Mogicons Facebook Emoticons list includes a large number of codes for emoticons that you can copy and paste into Facebook that shows up as an emoticon.

Facebook Emoticon Art

If you want to use more advanced Facebook emoticons to create detailed stories or art with emoticons you can press shift and enter at the same time to add a line break and type another character. This allows you to make small characters and more.

Create more advanced Facebook emoticons art.

Create more advanced Facebook emoticons art.

You can also use a service to create Facebook emoticon art by combining symbols. Visit this site and pick your pattern and symbols and then copy and past the code into your Facebook update.

If you are leaving this as a comment, make sure you leave a line above or it will throw off the shape of the emoticon art.



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