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Facebook for iPhone Update Badly Needed, Still Missing



At the end of July, we heard that Facebook would be launching an iPhone update that would greatly improve the application. Sadly, July has come and gone without that update and my patience along with it.

My Facebook for iPhone experience on my device has gotten progressively worse, pretty much to the point where I can’t use the application without encountering some kind of difficulty.

At first, I wanted to chalk the issues up to the fact that I am using the software on an iPhone 3GS but I’ve not only heard complaints from owners of the iPhone 4S but I’ve seen the issues firsthand.

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This is how I spend most of my time on Facebook.

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A few weeks ago, the issues got so bad that I just flat out stopped using the application, hoping that the month of July would bring some relief. Obviously, that hasn’t happen, and I am stuck with an application that, more often than not, crashes instantly upon opening it or picks and chooses what it opens.

Seriously, I want to say that around 75% of the time I try to look at something using the Facebook for iPhone application, I get stuck in a looping Loading screen.

This would be a lot easier to stomach if the app wasn’t the Facebook app, an app that is controlled by a company whose CEO is worth many billions of dollars.

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The fact that Facebook seems to have little interest in its mobile applications coupled with the annoying issues that plague the software have honestly made me stop using the service from my mobile devices which was where I used to spent roughly 90% of my Facebook time.

One would think that Facebook would have made this a priority given that the company boasts a staggering 543 million active monthly users on mobile devices.

Anyone else as frustrated as I am with the Facebook for iPhone app?

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1 Comment

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