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Facebook Isn’t Sharing Your Phone Numbers With The World



Hold on Facebook Friends. There is a rumor going around that claims Facebook is sharing your contact list with the world, but it isn’t true.

Facebook isn’t known for having the best privacy and security practices in the business, which is why many users believed that Facebook had shared their contacts with anyone on Facebook.

In reality, Facebook Contacts are limited to viewing by you, and only you. The numbers and emails addresses stored in the Contact list comes from your contacts or from your phone.

Facebook Issued the following update to clear things up;

Rumors claiming that your phone contacts are visible to everyone on Facebook are false. Our Contacts list, formerly called Phonebook, has existed for a long time. The phone numbers listed there were either added by your friends themselves and made visible to you, or you have previously synced your phone contacts with Facebook. Just like on your phone, only you can see these numbers.

If you don’t want to sync your phone contacts to Facebook, you need to turn it off in the settings. To do this, Open the Facebook app, tap your Menu button, tap on Settings, scroll to the bottom and tap Sync Contacts. Choose Don’t Sync.

Even if you aren’t syncing contacts, you may see contact info from friends in the Facebook Contacts list as it pulls in the information other friends enter.

Why is Facebook hoping you’ll sync your contact lists and share your phone numbers? Because the company has just released a Messaging app that it hopes will replace text messaging.



  1. AdamJ

    08/11/2011 at 2:58 pm

    I have fake account on facebook that was opened long time ago. How come I’ve been getting spam emails that start with my intentionally misspelled name that I’ve used strictly with facebook account… Only idiots don’t see, and reject accusations against facebook. This company needs to make money to stay alive, and one of the ways to do it is by selling your info to marketing gurus…

  2. Nikkimvaughn

    08/11/2011 at 3:48 pm

    People – LISTEN – –  THEY DON’T CARE!  Its simple. I wish it wasn’t true, but it’s proven.  The more they intertwine within your personal and social life (& perpetually launching incomplete programs with loop holes, inefficiencies, inconsistencies) and ongoing half ass releases…. the more exposure, buzz and ultimately traffic they get to their web properties.  Advertising inventory increases.  Visits = $$$… They get “attaboys” for fixing the problems they initiate.  

    Therefore all their programming time that should saturate the development of new solid tools and services – aimed at efficiency, are dedicated to fixing problems, plugging the infallible hemorrhaging hack holes and responding to a world of users that SOMEHOW BELIEVE THERE IS STILL SOMETHING CALL PRIVACY THESE DAYS.  If you are one of them, then good luck fighting a battle that’s obsolete.   I will continue enjoying the electronic age, be wise and stay educated.

  3. Blesson T Dhas

    10/14/2011 at 4:50 am


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