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Facebook Live Streaming Kicks Off with DaCast Streaming Service



DaCast is announcing live video streaming on Facebook. DaCast is a self streaming service which lets users not only live stream video like Ustream or Justin TV, but also helps users make money doing so. Users who are signed up for the DaCast service can stream their content by providing a link to their DaCast streaming video channel on their Facebook wall. They won’t need to add software or download anything additional to make this new Facebook integration work.

DaCast Streaming over Facebook

DaCast Streaming Over Facebook

Anthony Romero of DaCast offered some interesting ways their service could be used by various people:

This new capability also presents an innovative way for music groups and other organizations to stream their events and concerts live, directly from their Facebook page to fans. TV channels can broadcast 24/7 from within their own Facebook profiles as well. Houses of worship can share services live with their communities. Event organizers now have a platform for broadcasting live meetings and conferences with direct contact to their audiences. The benefits of live streaming can help many other groups including, but not limited to, education, politics, sports, and radio.

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The service is available now. To sign up for a DaCast account go to their site. The service helps you make money by doing one of the following:

  • Partner with DaCast’s database of advertisers by choosing some of their advertising videos and putting them on your channel
  • Offer subscription based content for situations where people are willing to pay to see your videos
  • Offer pay-per-view videos where users are willing to pay but only a one time fee for a single video

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Unlike YouTube, Ustream or Justin TV, you pick which advertisers you want to include on your channel. This is a plus for people who stream family friendly content like my church’s Sunday services. We once used another service and they had some somewhat risqué ads playing before our services. We dropped them and chose a different solution for this reason alone.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    04/19/2011 at 8:32 pm

    Is there some kind of a betting pool going on how long before the first big blow-up of somebody streaming porn and it being seen by one of the gajillion kids that live on facebook?
    Or something along those lines?

    Maybe I am just a cynic and this will all work out wonderfully for the company and everyone else.
    But right now facebook has a lot of families on it, and teenagers.
    Streaming on the internet – porn is going to pop up on it at some point.
    I see white water and a PR fiasco.

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