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Fallout 4: 10 Things to Know After One Month



We’re now a month removed from the Fallout 4 release for PS4, Xbox One and PC but we continue to see new and important details emerge for current owners and prospective buyers. This roundup looks at the important things both groups need to know a month into the Fallout 4 era.

In November, Bethesda finally released Fallout 4, a follow-up to Fallout 3 and the studio’s first big release since Skyrim. Like Fallout 3 and Skyrim, Fallout 4 features a massive world filled with people to meet, places to explore, enemies to kill, and bugs to stress about.

We’re now about a month removed from the Fallout 4 release date and the flow of information has yet to slow down. We’ve seen a number of new and important details emerge for all three versions of Bethesda’s game.


These details include new details about Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition stock, a Fallout 4 patch that’s expected to fix many of the problems plaguing the game and some new Fallout 4 deals that should be tempting to those of you that haven’t committed any cash to one of the year’s top games.

This roundup will take you through all of these and more in an effort to get Fallout 4 buyers and players up to speed on the latest Fallout 4 news. Keep these details in mind as we press forward into the month of December into the new year.

Fallout 4 Deals

Fallout 4 Deals

If you've been thinking about buying Fallout 4 for PS4, Xbox One or PC for yourself or someone else (it'll make a great gift), you're in luck. There are a number of Fallout 4 deals available right now including one that chops $10 off the price of the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game. 

Black Friday is over and done with but Fallout 4 deals remain. Highlights include a Best Buy deal that will net you a free copy of Fallout 4 if you buy two other games and a Costco deal that knocks the price of the game down to $50. 

If you've been in the hunt for a Fallout 4 deal, make sure you look around before you commit $60 to your local retailer.

We should continue to see Fallout 4 deals emerge in December and in the new year as retailers try and entice those who missed out in 2015. 

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1 Comment

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