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Fallout 4: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Overlook



Fallout 4 is filled with loot. It’s everywhere. And because there’s so much to loot, there’s a chance that you might overlook items that aren’t called copper, steel or stimpack. Here, we want to outline a few in-game items that you shouldn’t overlook during your journey across the wasteland.

Bethesda’s worlds are always filled with stuff. It used to be that their games were populated with a ton of junk that you’d immediately discard, sell or avoid altogether. Fallout 4 isn’t like Skyrim or Fallout 3 though. In Fallout 4, even the junk matters.

Everything has a purpose in Fallout 4. That cigarette you avoided in Fallout 3? In Fallout 4, you can break it down into cloth. Cloth is used to craft items including beds and couches for your settlements. This is just one example, there are tons of others.

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As you settle in, you’ll start to get a feel for the most valuable items to your character and your settlement. And you’ll key in on those items as you make your way through raider camps and the many buildings that dot the wasteland’s landscape.

If you aren’t careful though, you might miss out on some items that reveal more to a story, grant you a new item or net you some valuable bottlecaps. Fallout 4’s world is also populated with some items that are easy to overlook.

Once you get familiar with them and their purpose, you won’t overlook them again. Here are five items that you’ll want to make sure you loot each and every time you see them.



Yesterday, I found myself inside the Beantown Brewery, the place where Gwinnett Lager and Gwinnett Pils used to be made. 

Once I reached the top floor office, I noticed an item that looked a lot like a holotape sitting on the desk. Only, it wasn't a standard holotape. Instead, it was a receipe for Gwinnett Brew. 

If you deliver this recipe to the appropriate person (Buddy), you'll unlock this alcoholic beverage and you'll be able to start crafting it yourself with the right materials.

This is just one of the recipes in the game. There are others. And they could prove useful to you if you want to rank up faster or if you rely on food or drink to heal your character. 

Make sure you that you pick them up and turn them in if needed.

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1 Comment

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