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Fallout 4 Power Armor Tips



If you’re looking to get the most out of your Fallout 4 Power Armor, dig into these tips. They’ll help you sort out the basics, get familiar with Power Armor mods, and walk you through some of the lesser-known Fallout 4 Power Armor features.

As you make your way out of Vault 111 and into the wasteland surrounding what’s left of Boston, you’re going to encounter something called Power Armor. Power Armor is a powerful piece of clothing that your character can use in the game and it will help you ward off powerful enemies that you wouldn’t be able take on otherwise.

In Fallout 3, Power Armor was acquired fairly late in the game. In Fallout 4, you get your first set almost as soon as you leave Vault 111. You don’t need to use or rely on Power Armor to beat Fallout 4 but you’ll find that it will come in handy in many situations and quests.


Donning a suit of Power Armor grants you a bonus to Strength and it provides you with additional resistance to radiation.

The first set of Power Armor you get is just one model. There are a number of other models in the game, some more powerful than others, and part of the fun will be tracking them down and making modifications to them.

This guide is will outline the most important things you need to know about Fallout 4 Power Armor. It’ll also provide you with some tips that should come in handy during your journey. Keep these in mind as you use and track down different Power Armor models.

Horde Fusion Cores

Horde Fusion Cores

In Fallout 3, you could run around and use Action Points to your hearts content. There wasn't any management. In Fallout 4, you need to be cognisant of what you're doing in Power Armor.

Fallout 4 Power Armor is, as you might know, powered by Fusion Cores. As you use Action Points (sprinting, V.A.T.S.), your fusion core will lose power. Once it's out of power, it won't be as effective. Note that your fusion core won't deplete during fast travel. 

So if you use Power Armor a lot you'll want to have a bunch of fusion cores on hand. Fusion cores aren't readily available so you'll need to conserve and loot any that you see.

If and when you find one, loot it and store it in a safe place. Either on your person or in a workbench of your choosing. Don't sell them unless you need caps.

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1 Comment

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