Fallout 4 Release Teased Ahead of E3 2015
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Fallout 4 Release Teased Ahead of E3 2015



Whether there’s a Fallout 4 video game in the works from video game developer Bethesda has been a point of contention for some today. Today, an invite to an E3 2015 press conference shared by Bethesda itself indicates that we are indeed getting closer to a Fallout 4 release sometime in the near future.

Bethesda began sending out invites to members of the gaming press this week for a media briefing taking place during the Electronic Entertainment Expo being held early this June in Los Angeles, California. The invitation itself is just a picture with text laid on top. It’s what is in the picture that hints at a coming Fallout 4 release.

bethesda e3

In that picture we see seats in a theater. Some of those seats are empty, but others have pictures in them along with names from Bethesda’s different franchises. Characters from Elder Scrolls, Doom and Wolfenstein have their seats reserved in the picture, along with a reservation card for members of the gaming press. The only franchise seemingly missing from the audience is Fallout.

Video game website Destructoid is theorizing that the reason we don’t see a seat reserved for Fallout’s characters is that they’re on stage, a hint that Bethesda will use its E3 2015 press conference as a platform to tell the world about the rumored Fallout 4 video game. Bethesda’s E3 Showcase takes place on Sunday, June 14th at 6:30PM. It’s unclear whether Bethesda will allow users at home to stream video from the showcase live, but news about Fallout 4 or whatever Bethesda has plans for, should spread during and after.

The Fallout series is set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with mutated animals and dangerous foes. Each game in the series has focused on role-playing mechanics, meaning you become immersed in the stories. The people you meet and the decisions you make have an effect as you venture through the game’s story missions. Supplies are scarce, forcing you to think long and hard about every tactical decision you make. The last game in the series was Fallout: New Vegas, which arrived on store shelves for the Xbox 360 and PS3 way back in 2013.

Rumors of a coming Fallout 4 release have come and gone multiple times. The only credible confirmation came from a Kotaku report, which included a breakdown all the voice actors that were involved in the game. It also hinted at a new name for the game, called “The Institute.” Bethesda and Fallout fans have played a game of cat and mouse for years. Die hard fans create new sites and apparent leaks, only to have Bethesda call those leaks out as being bogus. In reality, we know about as little about Fallout 4 as you can for a game that isn’t on store shelves and hasn’t been leaked ahead of its reveal.

Bethesda’s E3 tease is just one of the many coming over the next few weeks from video game developers. Each year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo developers share final details about the games they have arriving later in the year, and provide some guidance on games that are coming over the next few years. Sometimes those games are nearly complete surprises, like a Fallout 4 reveal would be. Other times, what we get from the show are extended reveals of games we’ve already seen in previous shows. For example, Uncharted 4 and Halo 5: Guardians are expected at this year’s E3 briefing. We’ve known about both games since last year.

Console makers also use the show as an opportunity to talk about the new hardware changes and software updates they have coming. What Microsoft and Sony have planned on those fronts remains a complete mystery at this point.

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