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Fantasy Football iPhone App Promises to Boost Your Wins



A new Fantasy Football iPhone app is your new secret weapon to winning your Fantasy Football weekly match-ups and your overall league.

If you struggle to pick your starters each week because you don’t have enough time to keep up with the latest NFL news, you can turn to a new Fantasy Football iPhone app that uses data to help you pick a better team.

The company promises a 15% increased chance of winning each week and a 30% better chance of winning your Fantasy Football league.

The numberFire Questions Fantasy Football iPhone app allows you to ask questions about players and teams, get answers from pros and see how many points numberFire projects each player will score that week.

This Fantasy Football iPhone app can help you win each week and win your league.

This Fantasy Football iPhone app can help you win each week and win your league.

Whether you play for fun or play for cash, you are one of the 32 million Americans playing Fantasy Football this year and you are part of a $15 billion dollar industry that now includes a powerful iPhone Fantasy Football app in your pocket.

If you still need to draft you can use numberFire to help you pick the best team, but if like many you need to know who to start each week to win your weekly match-up you can now use the same powerful tools that ESPN, Sports Illustrated and others use with a killer iPhone Fantasy Football app called numberFire.

You can search by player or by team and ask questions to get your answers. On each question you can also see the projections by tapping towards the bottom of the screen. This is where the data part of the app comes in, but you can also go with the answers from respected insiders when you need to.

Search and find or ask questions about your starters.

Search and find or ask questions about your starters.

If you are an expert you can also answer questions to improve your reputation and help others score more points in their Fantasy Football league.

The nitty gritty is, numberFire is a predictive analytics company capable of predicting the outcome of sporting events and individual athletes with mathematical modeling. It sounds complicated, but they break it down into the only Fantasy Football iPhone app you need once the season starts.

According to numberFire data, players that use the service earn an average of seven points more per game and a 15% increase in wins. Overall Fantasy Football teams using numberFire to pick starters each week perform 30% better according to statistics provided by the company.

The app includes data for players and a social element with the ability to ask other users “Who should I start this week?” and ” Who will win tonight?” as well as sports trivia and other items, but the big deal is in the predictive analytics and data mining.

You can see the week 1 Fantasy Football projections on the numberFire page, which shows some of what you can see in the app. This can help you pick your weekly starting line up and make the right moves to win each week.

The numberFire iPhone Fantasy Football app is free, but you can subscribe to their online service for more detailed information. The premium numberFire options that start at $19 a month. You can use promo code “howdy” to cut the first month price down to $7.95, but it jumps back up to $19 for the Recruit plan. There are more involved options like Rookie and All-Pro for $29 and $49 a month respectively.

You can download the numberFire app free from iTunes. There is no option for Android at this time.

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