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Far Cry 4 Title Update 5 Brings Fixes & Editing Tools



Developer and publisher Ubisoft is making a few fixes and adding one huge feature with Far Cry 4’s Title Update 5. After downloading the update, Far Cry 4 players can create their own maps in the open-world first person shooter.

Ubisoft revealed all of what’s in Title Update 5 for Far Cry 4 in a post on its community forum earlier this week. As of today, Title Update 5 is available on three out of the five versions of the game that users can purchase: Sony’s PS4, the PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox One entertainment console. The forum post about the update indicates Far Cry 4 players on the PC and Xbox 360 can expect the update sometime today.

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The biggest feature coming to all the different versions of Far Cry 4 is the Co-Op In-Game editor. As described, it works a little like Forge from the Halo series. Far Cry 4 players can craft their own levels like they could before. The big difference here is now they can invite others to also play in the levels they’ve created. To complement the new Far Cry 4 In-Game Editor for co-op, Ubisoft has included a ton of different fixes. The map browser for the original In-Game Editor has fixes included in this update. There are also some changes to how Far Cry 4 handles internet issues during a co-op mission.

Title Update 5 includes fixes to checkpoints, which are crucial since players need them to save their game properly. Where the game places vehicles on the different maps has been tweaked. A big part of any game is its online experience. Getting that experience working perfectly is a key part of how well your game works long after gamers are no longer interesting in the campaign. There are some fixes for Far Cry 4’s multiplayer experience included here too. The developer has cleaned up what it calls “inconsistencies” with the menus that allow users to choose their different weapons and monitor how much experience points they’ve acquired in the game. It’s also rolled in some “stability” improvements when it comes to online playing, finding other users to lay and player versus player game types.

It’s worth noting that Xbox 360 and Xbox One users are getting a fix to specifically address an issue with finding other players while using some profiles and accounts. To get the update, players shouldn’t have to do anything out of the ordinary. The Xbox One and PS4 automatically download title updates when they’re connecting to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Xbox 360 and PS3 users should find themselves prompted to download Title Update 5 the next time the try to start the game. Again, users will an internet connection to get the update.

Far Cry 4 arrived on store shelves late last year to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Gamers take on the role of Ajay, a character that returns home to bury his mother and finds his native country in the midst of a revolution. It’s the job of the player to help stop an oppressive regime from conquering the entire country and to decide the fate of the country in general.

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Last fall, Far Cry 4 cost $60 on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4. Brand new copies of Far Cry 4 for all four gaming consoles is $39.99 at GameStop on disc. Microsoft is also offering up deep discounts on copies of Far Cry 4 for those who are comfortable buying games digitally. Xbox Live Gold subscribers can pick up Far Cry 4 for $40.19.

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