Fastest Way to Get a Gold iPhone 5s is Behind an Apple Store, says Raffi
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Fastest Way to Get a Gold iPhone 5s is Behind an Apple Store, says Raffi



The gold iPhone 5s is hard to find in stores and comes with long waits online, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution for users looking to buy a gold iPhone 5s fast, at least according to Raffi, Apple’s VP of Gold in Conan’s recent iPhone 5s skits.

Raffi is back with news of iPhone 5s shortages and a “friend price” for the gold iPhone 5s that will only cost you double what Apple charges in store.

Instead of heading in to the Apple Store through the front door. Head around back and look for Raffi’s cousin, you’ll know him because he’ll be decked out in gold. From here you can forget paying triple or quadruple on eBay and pay just double for the gold iPhone 5s.

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Check out the latest funny iPhone 5s skit to come from Conan, which reminds users that the gold iPhone 5s and the other colors all have the same features.

The video doesn’t mention this, but if you plan to put a case on the gold iPhone 5s, you’re not paying for anything different except the gold Touch ID ring.

According to Raffi, there are other differences. He claims the gold iPhone 5s is, “faster, bigger, louder, quieter, smaller, sexier, wetter, taller, more business deals, simply best.”

The gold iPhone 5s and silver iPhone 5s offer the same experience.

The gold iPhone 5s and silver iPhone 5s offer the same experience.

If you, like Raffi, can’t wait for Apple to ship a gold iPhone 5s in October, you don’t need to go out back of the Apple Store, but you may need to pay double what you originally planned.

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While talking to Apple Employees at a Apple Store in Northeast Ohio the employee told us that the store is getting shipments of the Gold iPhone 5s, but only of the higher priced 64GB model. The 64GB iPhone 5s reportedly costs Apple $20 more to make than the 16GB model, but users will need to pay $399 instead of $199 on contract to get the higher capacity model, which sounds a lot like our experience buying gold.

This Apple Store did have the gold iPhone 5s in stock, and Apple is still not selling the iPhone 5s without activating it on an account. This move is an effort to crack down on users who are buying the gold iPhone 5s to resell on eBay or Craigslist at huge markups.



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