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FCC Reveals Some More HTC Shifting



When HTC named their new Ultra-Mobile PC the Shift, I doubt they realized how appropriate that name would be to the device’s future. First we’ve had shifting dates, and now it looks like there is a shift in the naming, at least based on what we are now seeing from the FCC. That’s right, the FCC docs on the HTC Shift are now a little more complete and available and like earlier editions they reveal a new name. Try the Clio 100 and Clio 200 on for size. The new names demark which 3G networks we will be looking at when the Shift/Clio ships. The Clio 100 is for GSM/HSDPA networks and the Clio 200 CDMA/EVDO networks.

While that dilineation makes some sense given the two different network apporaches, I’m wonderinf if this isn’t just another shift by HTC to try and regain some market traction and move away from original name.

I first picked this up from Mobility Site and Unwired has more details. Also a hat tip to Kevin Tofel on this one.

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