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FFS: Better displays through FFS, capacitive touch, and EMR



According to a report out of Digitimes, E Ink Holdings, maker of e-ink displays, will increase production of their FFS (fringe filed switching) LCD panels. In addition, capacitive touch and electromagnetic (active) panels for their e-ink displays are in the works, and a partner will be showing off their color e-ink display later this year.

FFS (not to be confused with its other abbr.) was developed by E Ink Holdings subsidiary HYDIS Technologies to offer “lower power consumption, improved transmission of color and images, and impressive internal LCD panel reflection.” Production will increase from 50% to 75% of their total capacity. This is in reaction to heightened demand for mobile displays and a renewed interested in LCD technology due to the OLED shortage.

Along with that, E Ink is pushing forward with capacitive touch and electromagnetic (active) digitizer solutions for their e-ink displays. These new displays are expected to hit the market late this year or early next.

Rounding out the news, Chinese vendor Hanvon (whose tablet we’ve seen most recently being pitted against the iPad) will be using color e-ink displays in eReaders scheduled for the end of the year using the high-def Pearl technology from E Ink. The Pearl electronic paper displays should offer better response time and reflection, in addition to being in color.

Lot of interesting activity on the mobile display front by E Ink. What will really shake things up is when they start putting these technologies together for dual digitizer, dual e-ink/LCD screens that display vibrant color in sunlight or darkness and can recognize touch and pen input.

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