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FIC Ultra-Mobiles Will Feature Vista, XP, or Linux



FicFirst International Computer, an ODM, is going to be a player in the ultra-sub-mini-portable-low cost space, and most likely offer the guts for some of the players we’ve seen start peeking their heads out this week at Computex. Remember the Everex Cloudbook? That came from FIC. FIC boasts that they are the only ODM that currently offers both VIA and Intel based UMPC models and at Computex they were showing off a design (CE2A1) that featured a VIA C7–M ULV processor that is capable of supporting Vista, XP, or Linux, as well as a design (The CW0A1) that used Intel’s Atom N270 that could run either XP Home or Linux.

I’m not sure why FIC or any of the companies now rushing to get into this space are even looking at Vista, but I guess for some it might be nice to have the option available.

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