FIFA 15 Release Breakdown
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FIFA 15 Release Breakdown



The FIFA 15 release arrives later this month to deliver exciting new features that finally leverage the power of the PS4 and Xbox One. Even though the FIFA 15 release arrives on older consoles you’ll get the best FIFA 15 experience on one of these consoles.

As we draw closer we’re sharing a quick breakdown of the FIFA 15 release details that buyers and players should be aware of. The FIFA 15 release is huge for many gamers, but it isn’t a Madden 15 or Destiny release so things are a little bit different in terms of what you can expect.

The good news is EA is delivering an early FIFA 15 release date to the Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 for a price. We’ll also cover any potential FIFA 15 deals, the digital FIFA 15 release, some of the new features coming on the Xbox One and PS4 FIFA 15 release and the top 50 players for FIFA 15.

Check out our FIFA 15 release breakdown.

Check out our FIFA 15 release breakdown.

IF you plan to buy the game on day one, you’ll want to check out this look at the FIFA 15 release. We’re focused on the U.S. FIFA 15 release date and release that arrives on September 23rd, but the game details also apply to the FIFA 15 release on September 26th in other areas.

The standard FIFA 15 release is $59.99 and the FIFA 15 Ultimate edition with extras including Ultimate Team goodies is $10 more.

Early FIFA 15 Release Options

There is no early PS4 FIFA 15 release date, but if you own an Xbox One, PS3 or Xbox 360 you can play FIFA 15 early for at least six hours and up to three days of play depending on the system.

There are multiple ways to get in on the early FIFA 15 release.

There are multiple ways to get in on the early FIFA 15 release.

EA Access on the Xbox One offers a five-day early FIFA 15 release that includes six hours of gaming in the full FIFA 15 game. All progress carries over and you can get in for $5 a month or $30 a year. More details on this FIFA 15 trial are available.

EA Sports Season Ticket is available on the PS3 and Xbox 360. This offers a three-day early FIFA 15 release on these two consoles, plus you get $100 of DLC for a variety of games. This includes access to NHL 15 as well, and you get 24 weeks of DLC. EA Sports Season Ticket is available on PS3 and Xbox 360 by searching the store for the program.

FIFA 15 Player Ratings

During the last week EA announced the start of the top 50 FIFA 15 players, showing off the ratings for the best players in FIFA 15. This can help you look for the right team to beat your friends or you can simply browse to look for the best players to add to your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

The best FIFA 15 players are revealed by EA.

The best FIFA 15 players are revealed by EA.

You can already see 20 of the best FIFA 15 players and EA will announce more of the best FIFA 15 players on September 6th and September 7th.

FIFA 15 Digital Release

We do know that there is a FIFA 15 digital release planned, but you can not find the game on the Xbox One Store or PlayStation Store for PS4 yet. We’ll likely see these games arrive the week before the FIFA 15 release date.

The Xbox One FIFA 15 pre-order will likely go live on the same day as the early FIFA 15 release, and allow EA Access members to buy the game for 10% off. Don’t expect a digital Xbox One release time until 3 AM Eastern, but thankfully you can now pre-load the games. Microsoft may throw in a few bonus packs to sweeten the deal.

The Playstation Store already lists FIFA 15 for $59.99 with a $69 Ultimate Edition option shown as well. You can play at midnight PST (3AM Eastern) and get $15 worth of FUT Gold Packs for pre-ordering.

FIFA 15 Demo

Signs still point to a FIFA 15 demo release this month.

Signs still point to a FIFA 15 demo release this month.

With all the paid FIFA 15 trials and early access there was some question about a FIFA 15 demo, but reports indicate there will be a free FIFA 15 demo on Xbox One and PS4 in September.

This will likely offer a limited number of teams and game modes, and will definitely not be the full game like EA Access and EA Sports Season Ticket offer.

You can expect a FIFA 15 demo release date about two weeks ahead of time, possibly on September 9th in the U.S.

FIFA 15 Deals

We already saw a FIFA 15 deal drop the price to $35 and it is possible that we will see more FIFA 15 deals, but you shouldn’t hold out too much hope.

If you pre-order FIFA 15 from Best Buy you get a $10 reward certificate to use on another game at a later date, but that is the only option right now.

New FIFA 15 Features

EA is adding a lot of new FIFA 15 features including smarter goalkeepers and better ball physics. The video below offers a behind the scenes look at the enhanced goalkeepers in FIFA 15 that will help you keep the lead.

You can also see how you’ll be able to beat goalkeepers with rebounds that go in the goal and the option to score by shooting through the keeper’s legs.

Few Midnight FIFA 15 Release Events

GameStop may still offer a midnight FIFA 15 release.

GameStop may still offer a midnight FIFA 15 release.

We’re still waiting on confirmation of any midnight FIFA 15 release events, and it looks like Best Buy will not offer any. GameStop does not list any FIFA 15 release events yet, but they only recently listed Destiny midnight release details so there is hope that confirmation is coming in the next week or two.

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