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FIFA 15 Release Date Details



The FIFA 15 release date is on the way, and EA Sports is sharing some new details on what gamers need to know. We’ll also fill in the holes on a FIFA 15 PSN pre-order, midnight release details and anything else we can find. There’s even a new service that gamers can use to play before the FIFA 15 release date.

Even though the FIFA 15 release date isn’t until late September we’re already seeing at least one deal that offers $10 to gamers who pre-order FIFA 15, but you’ll need to save that reward to spend on another game this fall.

Get ready for the FIFA 15 release date in late September.

Get ready for the FIFA 15 release date in late September.

While there is no specific FIFA 15 demo release date plans announced, it is quite likely that EA plans to deliver a free FIFA 15 demo in early September to let players experience the new gameplay. EA Sports normally offers a demo to convince users that it is worth upgrading to the next version of the game, something that is more important with EA Access offering FIFA 14 and other games for $5 a month.

FIFA 15 Release Date & Details

The FIFA 15 release date is September 23rd in the U.S. on the Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360, as well as on PC through Origin. Gamers can buy the game on disc and digital on the FIFA 15 release, including the special editions. If you are in Europe, the FIFA 15 release date is September 25th.

If you play FIFA Ultimate Team you should check out the special FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition.

If you play FIFA Ultimate Team you should check out the special FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition.

EA is pushing the Ultimate Team hard in FIFA 15 with a new Ultimate Team mode and a special FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition that is $10 more than the normal version. For this higher price gamers unlock up to 40 Ultimate Team Packs to build their new team. The packs arrive over 40 weeks, so you can’t just unlock the best FIFA 15 team off the bat. This version does include an unlocked Lionel Messi player to help you get started, plus celebrations, the Adidas All-Star Team, special Adidas shoes and historic uniforms.

One thing that the FIFA 15 release will not offer is full access to the Brazil Club teams. Due to licensing issues FIFA 15 will not include Brazilian Club teams off the bat, which means some users will not be able to play as their favorite teams. The Brazil National Team that played in the World Cup is still in FIFA 15, so you can still command Neymar and others, just not in Club competitions. EA Sports explains that negotiations could deliver these teams later.

Best Buy offers a $10 reward certificate with a FIFA 15 pre-order.

Midnight FIFA 15 Release

We know there are already a number of midnight Madden 15 release date events, but so far there are no confirmed locations for a midnight FIFA 15 release date events or pickup. There is a good chance you’ll be able to go pick up a copy of FIFA 15 at midnight though.

We could see some midnight FIFA 15 release date events.

We could see some midnight FIFA 15 release date events.


GameStop held an event for FIFA 14, with payment at 10PM and a variety of events for shoppers as well. Target and Walmart will also likely offer the game for sale at midnight in stores open 24 hours.

Xbox & PSN FIFA 15 Release

If you want to buy the digital version of FIFA 15 on release day you should be able to buy a version on PS4 and Xbox One.

There is still no FIFA 15 PSN store pre-order listed, but with Madden 15 already on the store, we could see FIFA 15 soon. For users that plan to buy on PS4, expect the option to download FIFA 15 up to a day early and then start playing right at midnight Eastern on the FIFA 15 release date.

On the Xbox One there is no way to pre-order a digital version of FIFA 15 or to download it early for faster play. Xbox One digital downloads typically unlock at midnight Pacific, or 3 AM Eastern.

If you own an Xbox One you can use EA Access to play FIFA 15 early. This is only on Xbox One at this time, and you’ll need to pay $5 a month or $30 a year. This service offers access to old EA titles and early play on FIFA 15 and other EA Sports games as well as 10% off digital EA purchases. The service will launch soon and promises up to 5 days of early play, with progress that carries over to the full version.

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