FIFA 16: 5 New Details Gamers Need to Know
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FIFA 16: 5 New Details Gamers Need to Know



FIFA 16 Offensive Upgrades

FIFA 16 Offensive Upgrades

FIFA 16 is not content to give defenders all the power. There are key FIFA 16 gameplay upgrades aimed at delivering incredible scores, beautiful runs and a new touchless dribble that is sure to leave your opponent crying foul after an insane score.

While you are on offense you can now pass with greater accuracy and precision that delivers just the right power at the perfect location to set up a score or start a run.

EA also promises more "Moments of Magic" that allow players to define a game with a beautiful "wow" worthy score thanks to high-octane players with loads of skill.

A new Messi inspired FIFA 16 feature is No Touch Dribbling. With this mode you can, "create separation, feint, and blow by your defender just as Messi does."

If you love to cross the ball into the mixer for a great finish the new Dynamic crossing mode will put the ball where you want it more often and your team mates will run to the ball to attack and finish.

Clinical Finishing is another offensive tool coming with the FIFA 16 release. With this new feature you can attack and finish like a pro, putting the ball right where you need it.

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1 Comment

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