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Figure for iPhone is An Addictive Musical Treat



Figure for iPhone sounds like a math app, but it’s the most addictive music app on the iPhone.

Figure can’t compete with GarageBand on features, but when it comes to fun and simplicity the Figure app is a clear winner.

Figure for iPhone is an affordable 99 cents, and offers an endless music making experience. Unlike GarageBand, the options are simple enough that musical novices will have fun creating catchy 8 second loops.

Figure is a simple app that allows users to control drums, bass and lead, to mix electronic music. The app tosses chords and musical knowledge to the side, and uses patterns to create music. Users with a musical background will have an advantage, but anyone can make great music in Figure.

To start creating music in Figure, users draw a pattern to create a rhythm for each instrument. Even users lacking rhythm can create something good here. Draw a pattern for Bass and Lead, and then choose the type of instrument.

The app has a large choice of instrument types to change the sound on a whole, or you can “Tweak” the sounds of each instrument to change the tone and pitch.

Drums offer four controls, one for each type of percussion instrument. The control at the top of the gesture area controls how fast the drum is hit. I have no ability to play the drums in , but I can create beats that sound good in Figure without even trying.

The Song tab allows users to change the temp key and tone of the song by holding and sliding a finger. Users set the tempo by tapping.

Figure is an incredibly fun and addictive app, but there is a drawback. The app offers no way to save a song. Users cannot save a song to work on later, nor can they export the clip to share on services like SoundCloud and Twitter.

I’m disappointed because I have no way of sharing the first decent sounding music I ever created with friends on Twitter.

Figure is still a fun app without the ability to share musical creations. Figure can create incredible sounding mixes as shown in the video below.

Figure is a must buy app for any music loving iPhone owner.



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