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File 2011 Taxes on Your iPad with TurboTax



If you want to file your 2011 taxes fast, you should look at the 2011 TurboTax for iPad. This tax app has been re-worked for 2011 so that you can file your taxes from your tablet.

Unlike the SnapTax app for iPhone and Android which is aimed at those with simple 1040EZ returns, the TurboTax iPad app allows you to file a more complex tax return.

You can download the TurboTax iPad app for free to see if you like filing your taxes on your iPad. If you choose to file, you need to pay $29.99 for your Federal taxes and $36.99 for your state taxes.

Turbotax for iPad

File your 2011 taxes on your iPad with TurboTax.

You can’t use the iPad camera to import your W-2, like you can with SnapTax, but you can import employment and tax documents from 400,000 employers, banks and other financial institutions.

TurboTax for iPad Demo

The TruboTax iPad app can use your previous returns, and walks you through deductions and credits. When you are finished, the app will check your return. If you run into a wall, you can call an expert for free one on one tax help.

The app will allow you to e-File your taxes and set up direct deposit so you can complete your 2011 taxes on your iPad. The app is on par with the TurboTax Deluxe app which you can complete on your computer, and costs the same.

You can learn more about TurboTax for the iPad, and download it from the App Store.

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