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Final Draft Writer on Sale for $29.99



Maybe you want to write a new script about Black Friday and all of the chaos it brings. You’re standing in line, being jostled by throngs of desperate shoppers and the idea hits you for the big climactic scene. You don’t want to lose that idea, so you take some notes. Well, you could be putting it into script writing software on your iPad.

Final_Draft_Writer_on_the_App_Store_on_iTunes_and_iTunesAspiring screenwriters probably already know of Final Draft. Many in show business consider it the  industry standard in screen writing software. If you want to write for the stage there are templates for that as well.  There is also a version for iOS called Final Draft Writer. These are expensive tools for professionals. Final Draft for the desktop runs $249. Final Draft Writer for iOS normally runs $49.99 Both Apps are well done and offer a wealth of tools for those toiling to create the entertainment titles we’ll see on the big screen or on the stage in the future.

If you’ve ever been tempted to take a look at Final Draft Writer on iOS, this might  be your chance. Final Draft Writer is on sale for $29.99, a full $20 off the regular price of $49.99. Many in the script writing biz swear by Final Draft, and with the iOS version you can now edit scripts on the go, as well as create new ones.

Some of the features include:

*Professionally formatted TV, Film and Stageplay templates to help get you started
*Automatic More’s and Continued’s
*SmartType remembers your Character Names, Scene Headings, and more
*Quickly change elements with Tab and Enter quick-navigation
*Character Highlighting allows you to keep track of your characters for table reads or character development
*Shows Active or Collated Revisions with Colored Pages
*Includes production features like Scene Numbering and Locked Pages
*Quickly switch from one revision set to another
*Easily add text and paragraph styles to your script
*Track key information with Cast Reports, Scene Reports, Location Reports, and more
*Export to PDF
*Bluetooth keyboard compatibility

I’ve used Final Draft and Final Draft Writer for play scripts and find that it is an excellent writing tool. Note that Final Draft 9 is coming out in 2014, so if you purchase Final Draft 8 now, you’ll be eligible for a free upgrade when it is released.





  1. carmon

    11/29/2013 at 11:40 am

    like Elizabeth responded I am in shock that anyone can make $4113 in four weeks on the internet. see ………

  2. Steve

    11/29/2013 at 5:10 pm

    This is the industry standard. What everyone uses

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