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Finally, an Affordable Global Hotspot Plan for Travelers



Globalgig is an affordable personal hotspot and plan for travelers that delivers connectivity in the U.S. and abroad with plans starting as low as $17 a month for 1 GB of data.

The Globalgig personal hotspot retails for $119 and can connect up to five devices, such as a laptop, a smartphone and an iPad in the U.S. and in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Sweden & Denmark.

Unlike mobile data rates on a smartphone, which typically charge exorbitant fees for paltry amounts of data. While plans have improved in the recent months with a $25 for 100MB of data plan on Verizon, Globalgig offers much more data for a cheaper price.

Granted, the Globalgig service is only available in select countries, but users who travel frequently to any of these locations may be able to save over using a U.S. carrier smartphone in these locations.

The Globalgig personal hotspot is $119 off contract and free with an 18 month contract. Users can pick from the following data plans, which work in the U.S. and in the aforementioned countries.

  • An affordable global hotspot plan.

    An affordable global hotspot plan.

    1GB – $17 / Month

  • 2GB – $25 / Month
  • 5GB – $45 / Month
  • 10GB – $80 / Month

With these plans a user can stay connected with or without a costly contract, and its a great way to use a smartphone while traveling without running up costly charges.

Users can simply carry the Globalgig with them and connect a smartphone with cellular data turned off. While in this mode, the smartphone will receive VOIP calls from apps that plug into Google Voice, allow for the use of Skype and Google Hangouts as well as for sending messages in iMessage or Google Voice.

The small device will also connect laptops, tablets, eReaders and portable game systems without the need to hunt down a WiFi hotspot or return to a hotel.

In the U.S. the Globalgig connects to Sprint’s network, and the device connects to various carriers in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Sweden & Denmark while traveling.

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