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Findables QR Code iPhone Cases Hope to Replace Your Business Cards



Findables is a new online service that aims to help users combine their many digital profiles into a single location like and, but Findables hopes the company’s use of QR codes on cases and tags will help attract users to the service.

The company is launching on IndieGoGo with iPhone 4S, iPad and Samsung Galaxy S III cases, as well as the promise of iPhone 5 cases. For items that don’t fit in a case, users can put a sticker with their custom QR code on the gadget.

This two-prong approach is an interesting way to connect users with others, and to help users find lost gadgets, assuming the person that finds it scans the QR code.

Findables allows user to switch between modes. Business mode offers a profile tailored towards sharing contact information with new contacts, while the Social mode allows users to be more social with profile connections and a new profile picture. If the phone or item is lost, users can switch modes to offer a reward.

With the Findables service users get a personalized Findables link and the ability to customize the content on the page. It doesn’t appear that users can set up their own domain like with, but savvy users can always forward to the page. The real draw here is for users who want to offer contact information with a scan.

Findables sent over an iPhone case to check out, and while the company is selling more than a case it’s a nice case. On the back of the case is a personalized QR code, which links to my Findables profile. The case offers access to all ports and is one of the few cases I can use with an oversize headphone jack.

Findables is banking on the popularity of QR codes finally arriving in the mainstream. They point to the use of QR codes in PassBook for iOS 6, as a sign users are ready.

I like the idea, and I think the cases are a nice touch, but it will be tough to convince business users to switch to the system as there doesn’t appear to be a way to download a person’s contact info to the iPhone or Android phone book and the system requires the other user to have a barcode scanner installed.

Findables is looking to raise $12,500 on IndiGoGo by September 27th. Users can reserve a URL and get a Findables QR code sticker for $1, cases start at $20 and go up to $375 for the Apple Family Pack. Users who want to help get this service started can back the campaign starting today.

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