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Fingerprint Readers: Do You Use Them?



Several years ago, as fingerprint readers first began appearing in tablet pcs, I began using them a lot to login to the OS, login to web sites, scroll web pages, etc. As the years have passed and browsers now having the ability to store passwords and other form information, I find myself not using fingerprint readers much at all anymore. I have found many of the fingerprint browser plug-ins to be unreliable, slowing me down, and getting me frustrated. The security software itself and its’ links to the OS are often awkward and too confusing to implement / maintain. Don’t even get me started on using them to scroll web pages – tried it, never liked it.  I can’t remember the last time I used the fingerprint reader on the Latitude XT, or any tablet pc for that matter.

As OEMs roll-out new tablet pcs and mobile pcs, they are being faithful to include them as a standard input device, but I wonder how many people are actually using them. Do you use the fingerprint reader on your Tablet PC or Mobile PC? If so, how would you improve upon this security / input device? If not, what would you like to see OEMs do differently with that space currently being occupied by the fingerprint reader?

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