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FireFox 3 Beta 2 Now Available



Browser support for the Tablet PC TIP Mozilla has just released beta 2 of FireFox 3, and as we have previously reported on here, due to enhancements in its accessibility features, the TIP is now natively supported!

I’ve been playing with Beta 1 for a few weeks and I’ve been quite impressed with the speed, stability, and the ability to use the TIP in the address bar. However, the TIP / accessibility support does not feel fully baked, yet. For example, auto filtering of the address bar and fields in the browser doesn’t work, like it does in Internet Explorer, when using the TIP. It is one of the features I really, really like about Internet Explorer and its’ support of the TIP. Second, the floating TIP does not appear within fields on a web page, like it does in Internet Explorer. For example, when I place the pen in the Google search field, the floating TIP icon appears in Internet Explorer. It doesn’t in FireFox 3 Beta 2.

Still, progress is being made. Until the experience is as seamless as IE, though, I’d recommend FireFox users stick with the GeckoTIP

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