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First Impressions of iPhone 3GS: Speed and Video Worth the Price of Upgrade



unbox3gsSnappy. Faster. Quicker. Call it what you want, but the first “wow” reaction to the new iPhone 3GS is that the work Apple did under the hood paid off. Everything from launching an app, to taking a photo, to moving between screens seems much faster. To say the least, I’m impressed. We’ll see how this plays out over time once Apps are loaded, deleted, etc… but on a first impression it is more than impressive. Of course if this is your first iPhone, you’ll just think that this is the way things have always worked.

Using Google Maps as an example, every aspect of the application went so quickly, I had to check it to make sure I hadn’t missed something. Again, impressive.

The process of restoring from a backup went smooth as silk. It took awhile (about 49 minutes) but everything I wanted to come over from the 3G to the 3GS is there.

I’m very impressed with the video and the ease of getting it on line. This will be a big game changer for many, and I’d say it is more than worth the price of the upgrade if video is important to you. Of course the downside of this, is we are going to be seeing much, much, much more video uploaded to video sites.

I haven’t spent much time with the still camera yet, but its operation, again, is much faster, and I’m anxious to check out how much of a quality difference we will see with the new camera. That and Voice Control, I’ll be checking out later today.

But as far as first impressions go, in my situation the speed improvements and the inclusion of video make this a very worthwhile upgrade.



  1. Ben

    06/19/2009 at 11:23 am

    Why in the world did you buy a new iphone if all we hear from you is that you complain about the AT&T network and also just a week or so ago, you were angry with the pricing for existing iphone customers?

    In the end, you bought one and Apple/AT&T wins. Yep, that’ll show’em.

  2. Warner Crocker

    06/19/2009 at 11:48 am

    AT&T is still on my list of least favored companies for many reasons and yes, there’s a dichotomy or paradox there I suppose. That said, the iPhone is the best mobile internet device (MID) I’ve had my hands on and it makes my life and work a bit easier. To say it is my favorite device might not be too strong.

    But as my grandmother used to say, “I only bitch at you when you do something stupid because I love you too much.”

  3. blash

    06/19/2009 at 2:06 pm

    Warner – at the very least I’d check out if T-mobile works well for you in your area. That way, after a QuickPwn software unlock, you can get your iPhone without AT&T – or were you locked into a contract?

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