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First impressions of the Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC


on forum member SteveNYC got his hands on a pre-production Fujitsu P11610 Tablet PC and has posted his thoughts in the GBM forums.

Expect MSRP pricing on November 1 and the official announcement on November 7.

Here is a quick snippet – click here for the whole thing:

As for the hardware itself, the single most important thing to me was the passive digitizer.  I really wanted to see if they had improved the palm rejection technology that they hyped.  Well, I was in a quandry, none of the handwriting software had been installed on the unit in hand.  How do I test it?  So we opened up MS Paint.  In truth, handwriting is nothing more than drawing.  If the digitizer isn’t accurate in one app, in won’t be accurate in any app.  End result….  I could not get that digitizer to screw up no matter how sloppy I wrote.  That thing was fantastic.  I don’t know what they did, but they made a big improvement in the passive digitizer.  Keep in mind that this was not a very elaborate test.  But had I written on the P1510D like I wrote on the P1610, it would have been all over the place.

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