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First Impressions of the Fujitsu U810



IMG_0432So yesterday I received a package in the mail from Rob, and inside was a U810 UMPC. (Thanks to John Hill at AllTP) Last night I had plenty of time to look over the device as I was reinstalling Windows Vista after a failed SP1 install on my Lenovo x61…  yeah, not really what I wanted to be doing, but it’s a good thing I did a backup before it started the update.  Since I did have some time last night and couldn’t do any video, I thought I would post up my initial first impressions:

  • Keyboard is really small – I have big hands so this is all but useless to try and touch type on.  It is possible though to use your thumbs, but I wouldn’t want to do that for a long time…
  • Took me a while to find the Tab key (reminded me of the Simpsons episode where Homer couldn’t find the ‘Any’ key when he was told to "Press Any Key to Continue") – if you are wondering it is on the Space bar while pressing the FN key.  There are many keys not really in the ‘right’ place.
  • Performance was much better than I imagined.  Loading office applications was acceptable for a Vista machine with a 800mhz processor.
  • Mouse placement was intuitive once you use it for a few – scroll down keys are a little sensitive and I keep hitting the Fn key when trying to scroll
  • Webcam isn’t that bad either – I will try and record part of the InkShow using the webcam so you can see performance and quality
  • Inking – I will go in depth on this in the InkShow – All I can say is bezel – bezel – bezel – you hand has to be on the bezel.  If your hand rests on the bezel the Inking isn’t good, if it’s on the screen – forget about it. 
  • REALLY SMALL – and light – that was the first comment I had when I was showing it around the office to others.  The ‘coolness’ factor is definitely there on this one!

That’s all for now – I am going off to do some more testing and to get ready for the InkShow – Look for it after this weekend!!

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