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First iPhone 5s Ad Airs to Show Off the Gold Model We Can’t Get



Apple really loves its gold-colored iPhone 5s, and the company’s first television ad showing off the new device touts that fact. The ad began airing yesterday throughout the day during NFL football games, and it puts particular focus on the gold color of the iPhone 5s, as well as the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The ad is a lot like Apple’s iPhone 5c ad, where melted plastic slowly formed into a colorful iPhone 5c, but this time around, we saw a brick of gold get melted down and formed into an iPhone 5s, with “Ooh La La” by Goldfrapp playing along in the background. There’s certainly not a lot to the commercial, but then again, Apple’s ads are usually quite subtle.

Even with the subtlety, the ad makes sure to put some focus on a few big features of the new phone, including the new gold color option, as well as Touch ID. Both of these are new features to the iPhone and certainly ones that Apple is proud of.

Apple is advertised the iPhone 5c heavily over the past few weeks, with very little mention of the company’s flagship phone, but it seems like it’s wearing off as Apple is now starting to advertise its iPhone 5s. Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised with Apple’s push to market the iPhone 5c heavily, seeing as how it’s a new phone and something that Apple’s never done before — not to mention that the company wants it to be the iPhone for everyone.

This new iPhone 5s television spot includes a “subject to availability” disclaimer at the end, providing proof that the gold model is hard to come by right now. Apple had very few gold iPhones to begin with, and they ended up selling out within minutes online, and physical locations sold out of gold models after the first few customers bought them up.

We’re not sure when supply will pick up again, but many Apple Stores and carrier locations should be getting another truckload of units later this month. Apple specifically is reported to have ordered its suppliers to boost production of the iPhone 5s, while slowing down iPhone 5c production. The iPhone 5s is selling well, while the drop in production for the iPhone 5c has hinted that the entry-level phone isn’t selling just as well.

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