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First Post From The M700 Tablet PC – Screen Resolution



Just installed Messenger and Live writer on the M700 so I can use this Tablet PC to post and chat :)

So one of the main concerns I have about switching to the M700 (or any other wide screen 12" Tablet) is the resolution.  I have a thing for wanting to see a TON of data on my screen – even if it means it’s really small…  My previous standard laptop was a 15" 1600×1200 screen Dell – since then I have been with Toshiba’s M4 14" 1400×1050, the Toshiba M400 12" 140×1050 and then the Lenovo 12" 1400×1050.  As you can tell I love the high res screens – and they are becoming few and far between…

Enter the 1280×800 screen on the M700.  What do I think?  I don’t mind it so far – I actually kind of like it, I don’t have Visual Studio or my GIS / CADD software installed just yet though – I’ll let you know again after that! 

For High-Res screen lovers like myself, I have posted a few shots of common programs to give everyone a feel of what the real estate on the screen is really like.

Click pictures for full size images:

excelShot IE_gbm onenoteShot wordshot

Edit: Added portrait

onenote_one onenote_two

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