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First Time User – Free Wifi



image So this morning I needed to get some stuff done without the normal interruptions so I didn’t go into the office One of the great things about being mobile is the ability to do just that — work anywhere!  What makes it special is that this is the first time I have used the benefits of the mack daddy DSL plan with ATT at home.  With that plan, I get free ATT WIFI at Starbucks (one of the ones not shutting down that is ).  It’s nice to have and the connection isn’t all that bad — especially since I am the only one in here.

The connection setup was interesting though — It didn’t work from my default browser — FireFox.  I had to open up Internet Explorer to get to the login page.  After that — smooth sailing and I am able to do this post!

I might have to join the ranks of JK and Kevin and do this a little more often — Coffee, Free WIFI and Work (that last part isn’t the best, but it’s nice to be able to do it while having the other two)  Do any of our GBM readers out there make it a point to head off to work under the Free WIFI of a coffee shop??

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