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First Video From Google’s Project Glass Posted on Google+



We’ve seen a few photos from Google’s Project Glass already, and now we finally have a video from the glasses as well.

A Google employee put the first video shot from the Google Glasses to Google+ along with a few photos from a “Google Glass Walk” earlier this week. The video is 720p, lasts about 15 seconds, and simply shows what it’s like to jump on a trampoline while wearing the glasses.

Unfortunately, while the video is interesting, it doesn’t have any sound. It seems Project Glass units can shoot interesting photos and videos that would be difficult to get other otherwise, but it can’t yet record sound. We know the device is still being developed, but if it can’t record sound for video, it seems like the initial video we saw of the device won’t come true for a while.

Despite the limitations so far, we’re excited to see what Project Glass looks like when it’s finally ready for the consumer market. We still fear we’ll seem silly talking to our glasses and waving our arms around, but it might be worth it to some people. We like the idea of being able to access some web services without having to take out our phones, as long as it works well and doesn’t interfere with anything else.

Even if Google does figure out a way to make Project Glass easy to use without interfering with the rest of our lives, it still needs to find a better design. The current glasses make everyone look like a super villain of some sort, which isn’t a look that most people would go for.

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1 Comment

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