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First Windows Phone 8 Manufacturers Announced



During its developer summit Microsoft announced the four manufacturers that will make the first Window Phone 8 devices.

According to All Things D, the first Windows Phone 8 smartphones will come from Nokia, HTC, Samsung, and Huawei.

Nokia’s participation seems obvious, given its partnership deal with Microsoft. HTC and Samsung also make sense as the two manufacturers were among the first to produce Windows Phone devices. Huawei seems like an odd fourth choice, though we assume the manufacturer will sell a lot of phones in its native China.

Microsoft didn’t make any phone announcements at the event, instead leaving it up to the manufacturers to announce the phones when Windows Phone 8 is closer to release. We’ve heard that Nokia is working on bringing PureView to its Windows Phone 8 devices, though we don’t know if those phones will be available in the fall. Given the five years it took the company to bring out the 808 PureView, we doubt it will be ready at the platform’s launch.

As with its current devices, Nokia’s devices will have a number of exclusive apps like Nokia’s City Lens, and the newly-announced camera app with “smart group shot” and a panoramic mode.

We hope HTC and Samsung will make Windows Phones that are similar to the U.S. versions of the One X and Galaxy S III. The new specs for Windows Phone 8 will support the dual-core processors and 720p of those devices. Either one of those phones with Windows Phone 8 might be able to breathe new life into the platform.

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