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Fitaly 5.0 Released



expander Fitaly has released version 5.0 of their text entry software. Fitaly is an alternative text input program, which you use to input characters by sliding your pen in patterns to form the words. It is quite the tool and definitely something folks should check out as an alternative input method. I don’t think we’ve done an InkShow on Fitaly, so we’ll add it to our list for May or June.

You can learn more by visiting Fitaly, discussing in our forums, and downloading version 5.0 here.

What’s new in version 5?

Fitaly Expander
With the new built-in expander Fitaly offers, in addition to sliding, another complementary way to be faster when writing and taking notes. The new text expander capability allows the usage of customizable glossaries. A few letters expand into your most frequently used words, phrases, addresses, professional terms, and more.

Display forms for slide definitions and glossary entries
Slide definitions and glossary entries can now have a display form. The display form is the hint that appears in the preview window.

Fitaly Editor
Fitaly 5.00 comes with a brand new editor. With the Fitaly editor you can edit your custom slides and glossary entries. It provides an easy way to view your slide definitions and glossary entries and makes it easier than ever to use the powerful Fitaly macro language.

Positioning of the Preview Window
The positioning of the preview window has been fine-tuned to work best for both left-hand and right-hand use.

Sliding visual feedback for Capitals
Slides for capitals are probably the slides you use the most often. A specific visual slide feedback has been implemented for the case where the capital letter is defined as the only slide choice for a given letter and direction.

Alt Tab window
With Fitaly 5.00 you can create a slide or glossary entry for the Alt+Tab key combination and open the Alt Tab window that enables you to easily switch any of your active applications.

New metakeys
Metakeys enable users to define slides or glossary entries that do more than just text. The following new metakeys have been added to the Fitaly macro language:

  • dock to client enables you to dock the keyboard to the bottom of the application you are currently working with.
  • duo with client resizes the application you are currently working with, leaving just enough space for Fitaly below.
  • minimize client minimizes the application you are currently working with.
  • maximize client maximizes the application you are currently working with.
  • load glossary enables you to load a specific glossary file.

Key highlights
On some devices the key highlights can barely be seen as the delay between the hightlight down and the highlight up is simply too short. This can now be adjusted by setting a minimum  key highlight time in the Fitaly options without slowing down your typing.

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