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Fitaly for Tablet PC 4.10 Released



Fitaly for Tablet PC I have not seen much from Fitaly in a while, but for those looking for an on-screen keyboard alternative for both the pen and finger, these new features look quite good. I remember using Fitaly several years. It takes a bit of practice, but once you get the patterns down, it works quite well, since it minimizes pen / finger travel. Fitaly is available for $59 per user.

From their press release:

We are pleased to introduce version 4.10 of Fitaly for the Tablet PC. It is an intermediate version issued before version 5.0 which is expected to be released shortly after.

What is new in Version 4.10

The following list shows the improvements made in version 4.10:

    * Keyboard positioning
      The new version provides a higher caption bar for easier dragging.
      Visual feedback is now provided while you drag the keyboard.
      A new metakey has been introduced to move the keyboard to a user definable location.

    * Key repeat
      A key repeat timer has been implemented.
      It enables a key to be repeated automatically when it is pressed and held.
      The repeat delay is a configurable option.
      Key repeat can be switched on or off.

    * New keyboard size available
      A finger size keyboard has been implemented.
      It has been designed to take the full width of the screen in vertical mode
      for screens supporting a 1200 by 800 resolution.

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