Fix Coming for PS4 Update 2.0 Problems 
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Fix Coming for PS4 Update 2.0 Problems 



Sony says its working on a PS4 update to fix some issues that users began reporting after getting the PS4 Update 2.0 last week. More specifically, Sony hopes that PS4 Update 2.0 will fix the problems the PS4 has with going into sleep after being updated.

Sony hasn’t said anything about PS4 update 2.01 on its PlayStation Blog just yet. That being said, it’s Twitter account began publicly acknowledging the update late last night saying, “PS4 software update v2.01 is coming soon, and will address issues some users have encountered when powering on the system from Rest Mode.”



Sony started updating users to PS4 users to PS4 Update 2.0 last week. The update included tons of changes to the PS4 System Software. Software customization is very important to gamers. PS4 owners wanted an easy way to change the console’s look and feel software-wise. Sony delivered on that feature in the PS4 Update 2.0. Following the update, icon colors and background photos are both things that PS4 owners can change through the console’s settings.

Beyond themes and customization, PS4 Update 2.0 filled a lot of feature gaps. When the PS4 launched buyers weren’t able to play music from anywhere but Sony’s Music Unlimited Subscription service. PS4 Update 2.0 added a USB media player so that PS4 owners could store music on a hard drive or flash drive and play it through the console. This isn’t yet possible with video, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Support for Google’s YouTube video service is included and PS4 owners have the option to let their friends and family help them out of a tough spot in a game with the console’s new Share Play functionality. When enabled, Share Play lets PS4’s running Software Update 2.0 connect to another player’s PS4. They can play the game that’s being played on the original PS4 and then give up control when they’re finished.

With all of those features PS4 owners rushed to get the software update on their consoles. The PS4 has roughly three different modes. On is exactly as its described. That’s the mode the console is in whenever its being actively used. Off is when the console is turned completely off completely. In this mode power is still running to the PS4, but the PS4 itself is not powered on in any way. Rest Mode, is somewhere in between these two modes. The console isn’t on as far as players can tell, but it’s actually powered-up and checking for updates and software fixes. It’s Rest Mode that keeps PS4 owners from sitting through a minute-long boot screen every time they power on their console.

PS4 Update 2.0 broke Rest Mode for some, forcing them to manually restart their console every time they wanted to play a game or watch a television show. Forcing a restart on the PS4 — or any electronic device — can be really bad if its done at the wrong time. That’s why PS4 Update 2.01 is so important. Without it users are forced to keep manually restarting their console or sit through a pretty inconvenient boot screen.

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That Sony has a fix ready for this so quickly is great news for PS4 owners and potential buyers this holiday season. Unfortunately, for those who are already seeing the issue on their console, Sony hasn’t said exactly when it plans to begin sending the fix out to normal users at home. As its publicly discussing it, we could be looking at just a day or two, but its possible it could be a week or more.

Sony launched the PS4 world-wide last year, though this is one of the few times its unleashed a big software update to add features. The PS4 is on store shelves now for $400.

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