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Fix for Windows 10 Problems Arrives as Next Big Release Looms



Microsoft, makers of the Surface Book, Office suite of productivity apps and so much more, has a new update for notebooks, tablets and desktops still suffering from Windows 10 problems. Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB3124262 is available now for every to download.

Microsoft released Window 10 Cumulative Update KB3124262 this morning. The company began letting users download Windows 10 for free in late July. Notebooks, desktops and tablets with the operating system installed arrived soon after that.

Window 10 has some of the best reviews an operating system update has ever gotten. That being said, it’s not exactly hard to find a bugs in it. Microsoft said last year that it would stop releasing new versions of Windows every three years. In lieu of its often criticized glacial update pace, it is focus on updating the operating system on an ongoing basis.

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That there’s another fix to address the Windows 10 problems that users are still reporting is great news. Unfortunately, it’s not yet clear what problems the cumulative update actually addresses. Microsoft has yet to speak about the update or provide any information about the things it fixes. The description in the Settings app says that the update fixes a security issue. The Microsoft Knowledge Base says that “the update includes improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10,” which is pretty vague.

Teams within Microsoft have worked pretty hard to address bugs with each app in Windows 10, but some issues require the team building the operating system to release a fix.

At the same time as it released this latest update to address Windows 10 problems, the company was sharing more details about the work it’s doing on a larger update for Windows 10 slated for later this year.

Microsoft’s Gabe Aul announced Windows 10 14251 this morning on the company’s Windows Experience Blog. Like the other recent versions of Windows 10 that the company has talked about publicly, only members of the Windows Insiders Program are getting this new update, which arrives today.

As some predicted, this new version of Windows 10 is pretty light on any actual new features. Aul elaborates on why that is.

“We’ve also been working on our shared core which spans across PC, Mobile, Xbox , HoloLens and more.” Because it’s working on that underlying technology, teams within Windows have yet to begin adding new features to the operating system or expanding on any existing functionality. Microsoft talks about Windows 10 being the same operating system across its entire ecosystem. It’s really OneCore that spans the Xbox, Windows and Windows Phone.

Notably, the Xbox app and Cortana personal assistant have been updated independently of Windows recently. Those feature improvements are available within Windows 10 14251.

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Users aren’t getting a lot of new features to go with Windows 10 14251 but, they are getting a few bugs. Microsoft says that those who download the operating system for free will get a “WSClient.DLL error.” Getting rid of the error involves diving into the Command Prompt. Connect, the button within the Action Center panel where quick access to settings and recent notifications are stored, is missing from Windows 10 14251. Pressing the Windows key on your keyboard and the letter P is the only way around this for now. Connect allows you to project things to a wired or wireless display app. Lastly, apps will sometimes force close because of memory issues.

It’s perhaps with these issues in mind that Aul reiterated that the company’s plan to let users test new versions of Windows 10 even faster than it did last year will result in some very serious bugs that it may take the company some time to fix. Aul says that users who aren’t comfortable with that should definitely leave the Windows Insiders Fast Ring and move to its Slow Ring.

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For now, Microsoft is calling this new version of Windows 10 that it’s building Windows 10 Redstone. Rumors indicate Windows 10 Redstone will arrive for everyone in the late spring.

Windows 10 updates install automatically.

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1 Comment

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