Flashback: The Lenovo Yoga Before it Became the IdeaPad Yoga

The IdeaPad Yoga is one of the hottest products at CES 2012, thanks to an innovative form factor and dual hinge design that lets you convert form an Ultrabook to a tablet in a mater of seconds.

The IdeaPad Yoga looks great, and feel pretty amazing in your hand, but this isn’t the first time we have seen this double hinge design. Lenovo shared that they have had this idea patented for quite some time, and we dug up a first look at the Lenovo Yoga from back in 2009.

As you can see in the image below, the original Lenovo Yoga used the same dual hinge design, but it was much smaller, like many of the early tablet and netbook concepts which were coming out around this time.

Original Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

The IdeaPad Yoga back in 2009.

I’m glad to see that the new Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga has matured and become a device that supports a more realistic use case scenario. With all the benefits of an Ultrabook, and a touchscreen that can be used as real tablet with Windows 8. You can see a video demo of the IdeaPad Yoga below, where Xavier Lanier shows off the flip feature and touchscreen on the IdeaPad Yoga.

I would be interested in seeing a smaller IdeaPad Yoga, which would feel more natural in my hands while in the tablet mode.

What do you think about the dual hinge design? It’s impressive to see and feel in person.