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Flexible LG G Flex ‘Confirmed’ for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile in U.S.

Though LG has not announced of its first flexible display smartphone in the form of the LG G Flex will in fact be coming to the U.S. market, perpetual leaker @evleaks had posted to Twitter that the phone will in fact be coming to the to carriers AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Notably missing from the list is Verizon Wireless so it”s unclear if the nation’s biggest 4G LTE carrier will be offering its customers the G Flex experience at a later date or if the carrier is opting to pass on this model.

The G Flex is currently only available in LG’s native country of South Korea, much like its closest flexible display competitor from Samsung in the form of the Galaxy Round. However, LG had previously stated that it will be offering the G Flex in more regions, and a European launch is forthcoming.


As far as the U.S. market, it’s unclear if the G Flex will be made available in time for the holiday shopping season, or if customers will have to wait until some time next year to pick up the device. The phone will be the perfect gift and/or companion for users who may frequently drop their phones as the flexible display technology should make the G Flex able to withstand damage better than current smartphones on the market.

Though the G Flex utilizes a flexible plastic OLED display, the display is not malleable for the end user; rather it is a fixed display with an arc that’s set at the time of manufacturing. That said, LG had demonstrated that the G Flex can handle torsion and pressure and the display won’t crack or break when force is applied to the screen. The phone is intended to be more durable than others on the market today with a glass touchscreen.

The LG G Flex also has a self-healing back cover so any scratches would repair on its own.

Pricing information is still not known for this phone for the U.S. market. We’ll have to wait and hear a formal announcement from LG and its carrier partners.

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