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FlexUSB – A Cool Accessory for Mobile PC Folks



FlexUSB Ideative I was camped out in one of of the CES hallways typing out a post, when a man walked by me, eyeing my OQO Model 02. He asked me how I liked using it, because he was on the verge of buying one himself. So, we sat and talked for awhile. I could tell he really wanted to hold the Model 02, so I let him use it for a bit. He was sold as soon as he put it in his hands.

Noticing my Novatel USB727 aircard sticking out the bottom of the Model 02, he asked if that bothered me any. I told him it wasn’t too bad given the flexibility I have gained, but there were also advantages in going integrated WWAN, like the Model 02 supports.

He then introduced himself as being with a company called Ideative, and had something for me that might help make things a little more comfortable. He handed me one of their products, a FlexUSB, which can move those USB peripherals out of the way, something many of us mobile pc users struggle with daily. The FlexUSB has 90 degree vertical and horizontal hinges. I hooked it up to my Novatel card, and sure enough, I was able to maneuver the card to a much more comfortable angle. As a thank you for letting him demo my Model 02, he let me keep FlexUSB. Very cool!

It is definitely something to add to your mobile kit if you use a lot of USB peripherals. Not bad for $12.99.

Here is a short description from their product page.

FlexUSB provides the following benefits to millions of notebook users:

• Overcomes all case designs that interfere with a direct plug-in USB device
• Spreads out USB ports that are too close together
• Makes all hard-to-find USB ports easy
• Rotates sensitive USB wireless devices to any possible position

Notebook work areas often have limited space: airline tray tables, small coffee shop tables, a person’s lap – all of which limit the user’s ability to effectively connect one or multiple USB devices.

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