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Flip Video Intros the Mino



MinoWe love our Flip Video Ultra cameras by Pure Digital here at GBM and used them extensively at CES earlier this year. Like everyone else we’ve been waiting to see what the next Flip would be, and now we have the answer. Pure Digital is unveiling the Flip Mino, which as I’m sure you can guess is smaller than its predecessor. That said, Pure Digital is taking great pains to say this isn’t a replacement for the Flip Video Ultra calling it a “social accessory for the YouTube/MySpace/Facebook generation.”

The Flip Mino will produce the same “targeted for the web” quality video in VGA resolution and you can cram 60 minutes of video into 2GB of storage. Pure Digital has done away with the replaceable batteries and opted for a rechargeable lithium ion battery that they promise will get 4 hours on a charge. I don’t recall changing batteries during heavy usage at CES, so that might be an interesting compromise with the new Mino.

While we’re still talking VGA resolution, Pure Digital has changed up the image processing architecture that supposedly will yield better image quality. I’ve always been impressed with the results we got out the Flip Ultra, so I’ll be anxious to see how this compares.

The biggest and most apparent form factor change is that the USB connector now pops out of the top instead of the side, and from what I’m reading the controls are a little different as well incorporating touch-sensitive buttons.

Pricing is $179 and you’ll be able to pick these up just about anywhere by the fall when wider distribution rolls out, but you can order them from the product site now.

Via CrunchGear and just about everywhere else on the web.

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