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FlipStart Labs Announces Introduction of the Snap Camera



snap_camera_smallerDon’t you love being first; being in “the know”? We’ve been holding onto this bit of info for a while now. FlipStart has just announced introduction of the new Snap Camera accessory for their FlipStart super compact PC. Wanna know the best part? We are going to be reviewing this unit in just a few days! Check back later this week for the upcoming FlipStart InkShow with yours truly, courtesy of the good folks at!


UPDATE!! -> Click Here for Current Pricing


September 25, 2007 — Seattle, WA — FlipStart Labs today introduced the FlipStart Snap Camera, the first snap-in accessory for the FlipStart ® super compact PC. The Snap Camera easily snaps onto the lid of the FlipStart PC. The FlipStart Snap Camera is available today at and from selected resellers for $149.99 USD.

The Snap Camera delivers up to five mega pixel resolution photographs (with included software) and VGA-quality video recording with digital zoom and a software package that enables features such as editing and remote monitoring.

““From taking snapshots and video to conducting remote monitoring, the FlipStart Snap Camera provides a range of new functionality for the FlipStart,” said Robin Budd, general manager for FlipStart Labs. ““The FlipStart Snap Camera is fun and practical, and shows just one of the many uses for the custom accessory port built into the FlipStart. We look forward to working with third party developers to develop additional uses for the custom accessory port.”

In the U.S., every FlipStart compact PC is equipped to run on the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network supporting the faster data speeds of EV-DO Rev. A technology where available. Sprint reaches more than 211 million people nationwide in more than 10,582 cities and 1,002 airports with faster EV-DO Rev. A technology; Sprint has upgraded the vast majority of its mobile broadband network to EV-DO Rev. A and the rollout continues to further enhance coverage for customers. 

For a limited time new FlipStart users in the U.S. will now get one month of free Sprint Mobile Broadband service when they sign up. A credit check and approval are required to qualify and subsequent monthly fees apply.

Effective September 25, the FlipStart super compact PC will be available for $1,499 USD. The first commercial product from FlipStart Labs, the super compact PC is designed to provide mobile professionals with everything they expect from their laptops, including full Windows ® operating system, communications, entertainment and flexible wireless connectivity in a convenient clamshell design. Since launching the FlipStart on April 3, 2007, the company has received an enthusiastic response from consumers and, as a result, has expanded product availability through the resale channel.

About FlipStart Labs
FlipStart is the first commercial product offering from FlipStart Labs, a technology incubator created to evolve mobile personal computer technologies. Founded by Microsoft co-founder, Paul G. Allen, FlipStart Labs is leading the way to the future of personal computing technology through extensive customer research and the drive to create innovative technology products. FlipStart Labs is dedicated to creating revolutionary devices that enable effortless, uncompromised mobile computing. For more information about FlipStart, please visit

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