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Florida PC users want Biometric security



For those of us who have used built-in biometric fingerprint readers, this story from should come as no surprise: 94% would pay more than $25 to add biometrics to their PC, with 77% willing to pay more than $50.

How many of you are using some type of biometric fingerprint reader with your Tablet PC or Laptop? Are you using a built-in reader, a pc card, or a USB solution? To me, the real value of the fingerprint reader comes in when it does more than handle password authentication. The LE1600 biometric reader, for example, doubles as a vertical and horizontal scrolling solution.


A vast majority of Florida PC users want the security and convenience of biometric fingerprint sensors, and find them much easier to use than passwords or other security options, according to a survey just completed by Central Florida technology company AuthenTec.

According to the survey;

— 96 percent liked using fingerprint sensors after trying them for the first time

— 85 percent found the fingerprint sensor easy or very easy to use

— 94 percent would pay more than $25 to add biometrics to their PC, with 77 percent willing to pay more than $50

— Florida participants responded even more positively than users nationwide that participated in an earlier online survey

The most recent survey was conducted among more than 200 PC users in three Central Florida locations in June. The users ranged in age from 18 to 55. Survey participants were provided commercially available biometric notebook computers and peripherals, and were asked a series of questions following their experience.

“Users were very attracted to the idea of fingerprint sensors when they first heard about it, but liked it even more once they tried it,” said Eric Bauer, marketing analyst for AuthenTec. “They especially appreciated the idea of enhancing PC security while replacing the need for passwords.”

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