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Flybook V5i Tablet PC First Impressions, GBM InkShow Coming Soon



iCube’s Muliadi Jeo just received a Flybook V5i Tablet PC, and has posted his first impressions on this small Core Duo flybook_v5_bigTablet PC. You might remember the V5i from the InkShow we produced from CES 2007. A lot of folks have been wondering if this machine morphed into vaporware since it was never released in January like Flybook promised. Apparently, it is alive and well, and ready for prime time.

Despite weighing in at 2.8 lb, Muliadi is not impressed with V5i’s weight. He can definitely feel the difference between the 2.4 lb v33i and the new 2.8 lb V5i. In addition, he doesn’t think it is faster than the V33i. He attributes this to Aero, and in going from a 5400 rpm drive to a 4200 rpm drive.

Give Muliadi’s article a read for some excellent first impressions. The V5i sells for $2,769 and can be ordered directly from iCube. Even through iCube sells the V5i, you won’t find any biases there – just good, honest feedback.

Along with that good news, Muliadi has just packed up the V5i and is shipping it to me! Yes, those are shouts of glee you hear pinging through the tubes. I should be receiving it on Wednesday, and will be doing an InkShow video review around the first of next week. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on the V5i again, and having some more time to actually run it through the paces. Just to whet your appetite, I’ll post up a quick 1 – 2 minute webcam video on Wednesday. I should have my OQO by then, so it will be a good time for a comparsion shot between it, the V5i, and the X61T.

Post your questions regarding the V5i so I know what to concentrate on for the full review.

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