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FolderShare Users Take Note



Josh Einstein just shared this information with me that ALL FolderShare users should take note of. We will be posting this info in our forums as well.

Dear FolderShare friends,

This mail is to alert you to a potential issue with the data you have saved with FolderShare.

Please do NOT delete files from your FolderShare Trash folder until you have verified that you were not affected by this situation.

From 12/3/07 to 12/6/07, some files may have been accidentally moved from their original folders into the FolderShare Trash folder. The bug that caused this problem has been fixed.

The only files affected are ones with names containing certain characters, such as accents, trademark signs, etc. For example, “España.jpg.”

If you were impacted, your files should still be recoverable. They can be found and restored from the FolderShare Trash.

All users should do the following:

      1) Do NOT delete files from your FolderShare Trash folder until you are certain that you were not affected by this problem.

      2) Look in your FolderShare Trash folder for any files that should not be there. To access your FolderShare Trash folder:

           a. Click on the FolderShare icon in your System Tray
           b. Click on “More”
           c. Click on “View Trash”

If you see files in the Trash folder that should not be there, move them back to their intended folders. Look for files with accents or special characters, such as “España.jpg”
Note: in a few cases, the original folder could have been deleted, in which case you will need to recreate it.

For the latest updates on this situation, see the FolderShare web site:

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