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Folks Go Hands on with the EeePC



I’m waiting to see how my wife, Thomasin, takes or doesn’t take to the EeePC (scheduled to arrive this week) as she is a part of the target market for this small device. (I’m also a bit nervous as she’s getting really excited about this and I’m not sure our household can hold two geeks, but that’s another story.)

In the meantime, I’m enjoying reading a lot of coverage from those who’ve gotten there hands on the Asus Eee PC. Rob posted this quick look GBM Shortcut last week. I noticed that Kevin Tofel seems to have lost his Eee PC to his son. And ThoughtFix, the Nokia Internet Tablet Guru, has published this hands on first look. Got to love this picture comparing it to the N810.


Speaking of ThoughtFix, make sure you check out and enter his contest if you’re looking to win a Nokia N810. It closes on November 16.

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