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Hi everyone. As you know I’ve been working with GBM over a long period, i.e. both as an avid supporter, and as a Team Member. My videos here are some of the most watched ever and I must admit I have had a blast doing them. As several of you may have noticed however I have had a small holiday recently (three months) and now it is back to reality. Given I am a father of two, a business owner and a blogger it means that there is little spare time in my life. While it was fun to believe I could contribute to GBM too, the reality is that there is little room. Like Dennis there are always decisions to be made in life and some harder than others. At this stage the right decision for GBM and for the Tablet PC community is for me to concentrate on my own blog, the UberTablet Blog, and keep my free spirited reporting there.

I look forward to playing tag with GBM for a long time still, and also look forward to seeing many familiar faces at my site. From this point onwards I will not continue as a GBM contributor and therefore allow myself the opportunity to better focus on UberTablet. Cheers and see you there!

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