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Forbes Article Shows Battle Ahead for RIM’s Playbook Strategy



RIM’s betting a lot on the Tablet/Slate game. The RIM Playbook finally got out of the quick “you can’t touch it yet” demo mode and into the hands of a few journalists and bloggers, and from what I’ve seen from those reactions the Playbook certainly has a shot.

But RIM, like many others, does have an uphill path to trod. This article in Forbes demonstrates one of the bumps along that path. Elizabeth Woyke focuses on RIM’s Blackberry tethering strategy. While you won’t need a Blackberry to use the device, Woyke reports that some analysts find it astonishing that you will need to tether up to access PIM and email features, unless you plan on doing so through the Playbook’s browser.

I can see the issue there for some from a user standpoint. Certainly those who associate RIM with secure, fast, and reliant email and other services might raise an eyebrow. If the marketing strategy here is to use the Playbook to sell more Blackberry’s that seems legitimate, but I do think it is risky, especially if the opinion shapers focus on it as a negative.

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