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ForbesOnTech: “I Became A Born Again PowerPoint Fan–Thanks To My Tablet PC”



Powerpoint has become one of those tools that everyone loves to hate. Whether you are preparing a presentation or preparing to watch one, there is this feeling of dread. Reams of material have been written on how to make Powerpoint presentations more interactive, but I think the stigma that has been created will not quickly evaporate. At least I thought that until I read this article from James Forbes. Here’s a snippet:

So what I discovered at this little no-nonsense polytechnic university was the use of presentation decks that were clearly worded and not overloaded with information.  The effect of this was to bring me back to the First Church of PowerPoint. My born again acceptance of this technology has been gradual.

It started the first time I sat in a class, looking at a Power Point deck on my Thinkpad X41 tablet PC. With the Presentation deck open, I started making comments and noting questions using my own form of short hand and the onscreen keyboard At that moment I became aware that PowerPoint had gone from being a one-way conduit to a two-way thoroughfare. And most students who were using notebooks were doing the same thing. At the end of the discussion, the students presenting their business plan asked for questions and were immediately besieged by Microsoft OneNote files and copies of their PowerPoint presentation.

Score one for Tablet PCs.

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