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Ford C-Max Hybrid MPG Rating Updated, Ford Pays Owners Up to $550



Ford received a lot of flack about the MPG rating of the 2013 C-Max Hybrid. During a press conference earlier today, Raj Nair (VP of Global) announced that the Ford C-Max Hybrid will now contain a fuel economy label showing a revised MPG rating of 43MPG. As compensation for people who purchased or leased a C-Max with the 47MPG label, Ford will pay a one-time payment of $550 to people who purchased and $325 to people who leased.

Even though the Ford Fusion Hybrid is a sedan and the Ford C-Max Hybrid is a compact utility vehicle, Ford only tested the Fusion Hybrid for the EPA and used the same number for both. According to Mr. Nair, the EPA requires testing of the highest-volume selling vehicle of the same drive train. Since Ford anticipates selling more Fusion Hybrids than C-Max Hybrids, Ford only tested the MPG of the Fusion. Both the Fusion and C-Max share the same engine and power train, so the EPA only requires testing and publishing the Fusion number on the label.

Ford C-Max Energi

We recently tested the C-Max Energi (which carries a 43mpg label for gas-only operation) and achieved that number even under stressful test conditions. The new rating on the Hybrid places it in the same MPG as the Energi under gasoline-only operation, and should be easily obtainable. Interestingly, the plug-in Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi contain a lower gasoline-only MPG number. That is because Ford anticipates selling more C-Max Energi units than Fusion Energi units, and the EPA requires the label to be from the highest volume vehicle. According to Nair, “It works both ways.”

Ford C-Max Energi

Refusing to comment on pending legal issues, Mr. Nair touts this move as a customer-service one, and is making the payments available to anyone who purchased a C-Max Hybrid under the 47MPG label. They will be notified by mail in the coming weeks, and it appears the checks will be mailed right to them. Currently Ford has no plans on retesting any of their other vehicles, but expect some changes to the C-Max in 2014 to make a difference in MPG claims.



  1. leonekatty (@leonekatty1)

    08/15/2013 at 9:32 pm

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  2. Tony

    09/19/2013 at 1:25 pm

    “We recently tested the C-Max Energi (which carries a 43mpg label for gas-only operation) and achieved that number even under stressful test conditions.” I don’t know what you consider “stressful conditions”, but I bought a C Max 4 months ago, and have been driving like a 70 year old lady, mostly highway miles, doing 62 mph in a 75 mph zone, with my drivers window cracked, so that I can get just a touch of air, so as not to have to run the air conditioner and reduce the mpg. I start lightly braking at least double the normal distance (most times I get the 100% braking rating), and my “launches” could be beaten by an athletic terrapin. The absolute best I have been able to do is just over 41mpg. Most of the time, when I manually figure the mpg at fill up, it is either just over, or under 39 mpg. I simply do not believe that anyone has EVER gotten 43 mpg in one of these cars, unless the miles were all down hill with a tail wind. It’s not like I haven’t driven it enough to know for sure, either. I live just east of Dallas, and drive in on Interstate 30, for a round trip of 63 miles per day. I have just passed 12,000 miles on the car. If I had known the true mileage, I would have bought a Prius, which DOES get the mileage Toyota says it does. I know this because my best friend has one. I have been pretty much a Ford guy, too, but I may not be after this. I love the car other than the fact that I was lied to about the mpg. I have not yet gotten my “letter” telling me when I will get the pittance (considering the mileage that I will put on this car) $550 check, either.
    Tony In Dallas

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