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Ford Evos: Cloud-Connected Concept Car Coming to America



The Ford Evos is making its North American debut at CES 2012 next year. Ford’s concept car is a technology showcase that goes far beyond giving driving directions or pairing with your mobile phone. The Evos integrates driving performance with cloud computing and social networking.

Ford already offers autos loaded with Sync  and is in the process of rolling out a new generation of high-tech systems and features. If Ford brings something like the Evos to market, it’ll make today’s auto gadgetry look as advanced as a cassette player.

Ford released the above video a few months ago, but we haven’t had a chance to take a look at it in person. We’re looking forward to seeing it ourselves in just a couple of months. Many of the features in the video are several years away from making their way into mainstream vehicles, but it’s cool to see where Ford plans on taking things.

So what can Evos do that more pedestrian vehicles can’t?

  • Cool/heat before you get into it
  • Charge wirelessly with inductive charging pad
  • Communicate with your house for climate control and home automation
  • Suggest fun routes when you have time to spare
  • Automatically switch to performance mode
  • Refine acceleration, breaking, steering and hybrid mode based on your driving abilities
  • Play music to match your  mood
  • Share alternative routes with friends
  • Monitor your heart rate
  • Automatically dim dashboard clutter when you need to focus n driving
  • Mute your mobile phone when your heart rate gets too fast
  • Helps avoid polluted roads
  • Reserve electric vehicle charging spots for you

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